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Logo Design

A logo can say a lot about your company. In a single universal symbol, it should express the image of your business. A logo can be nothing more than stylized text or it can be an intricate graphic that creates instant brand recognition. Whether you are marketing locally or internationally, a logo increases the professionalism of your organization.

Children who haven’t learned to read can quickly identify the logo of a super hero or fast food restaurant. Logos are even more powerful with adults, who are often too busy or distracted to read an advertisement.

“Corporate Identity” is a phrase that represents building your brand across all of your marketing materials including letterhead, note pads, websites, business cards, brochures and advertisements. By combining a specific logo, font, color palette, and style for your company, the result is a corporate identity that represents your company to the community. A corporate identity says a lot about what your company represents. The overall style can say, conservative, friendly, environmentally aware, professional, fun, serious, creative, funky, Texan, and an unlimited range of expressions.

Every song that has been written only uses a few notes, but each communicates a unique style and message. Let us work with you to create an identity for your company that will relay your unique image to the community.

Need a Shopping Cart?

Let us design an e-commerce solution for your business. We can create a custom site featuring a sophisticated program to manage inventory, track orders, automate shipping, plus much more. Yes, your small business can afford to sell products online and reach new markets!

The Local Advantage

When choosing a creative services firm, it’s important to find a company that understands your business and your market. I-Net Spin has years of experience working with clients in five states, plus a concentration of projects in the urban market of Houston, Texas. It would have been easier to locate our business closer to our customers, but we chose to live and work in Washington County for the small town character...

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